To get the ball rollin’ I’ll admit, I actually don’t speak French.

Since I already have an about me, I won’t go into all that. This site took a lot of guts for me to start. I thought about it for a while, but couldn’t start one because I was so hung up over what I would write about. To be frank, I didn’t think I could write well enough. I’m not saying that I write well now. The only thing that changed is the gutsy part.

My career of choice requires writing skills. Preferably good writing skills. It’s a new year, a newer (older) me, so, I figured if I didn’t start now, I’ll never get around to it. Through this, my goal is to grow as a writer and become more confident.

Sometime in the near future, I hope to write about things that may actually matter, like controversial issues. Before then, I’ll have my share of fun with this blog and write about topics that interest me. Most of my posts will be on the spur of the moment, so I apologize in advance if my page appears disorganized and random.