If you really care to know…

I’ve walked down all sorts of roads in college. I was accepted as a Biology, Pre-Dent and realized, after taking 36 hours my first year, I was miserable. I had no time to make friends or even appreciate campus because I was so busy trying to survive. What made it worse was the fact that I was out-of-state. I couldn’t even go home if I wanted to (kind of ironic because I chose out-of-state to leave home).

My second year, I changed to nursing. I didn’t have a passion for teeth…and pre-med was out of the option because I didn’t want to become a doctor. Since my parents had hopes for me in the medical field, nursing, I felt, was the only common ground. I spent two years completing the track without any doubts, and all was good until it hit me when I was applying to nursing school. This is it. This was going to be my life. Once I leave, there would be no turning back. That really got me thinking. Was I happy?

My third year influenced my decision to give myself another go at life. I saw a part of campus, of myself, of life that I had never seen before. I took a huge leap of faith and led the Korean Student Association. I had never led an organization before, and had no idea what I was up against. All I could do was trust in God, my officers and staff. Throughout the year, KSA won several competitions and even organized a banquet, which was a lot more than we had envisioned. Compared to my previous years, I had to be socially productive and creative. I met a lot of new people, helped organize meetings/events, attended events and surprisingly, wrote a lot as well (can you see where this is going?). It was a tough year, especially with my studies, but it was definitely one of the most memorable. I realized I loved working with people, whether as a leader or unseen laborer. I loved contributing new ideas and helping achieve a unified goal.

So, I did the unthinkable. I changed my major before my fourth year. I had many alternatives. At first, I only considered studies in the science field. It was what I knew best, and I wouldn’t have to spend an extra year. Then I thought, what’s the point of changing if I was going to study the same material all over again? 

After much thought and conversations with professors, I chose journalism. I am now in my second semester of my fourth year, and far from regretting my decision. I am in love with what I do and what my field requires from me. I love accepting the challenges that have been thrown at me and eager to see what I can accomplish.

The road here was a bumpy one and I don’t expect it to be smooth from here on out. In fact, it may become bumpier. It doesn’t matter, though, because I’m happy. 

Thank you for reading through all of that.


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