The Mysteries of Make-up

Many women’s faces are like an onion…There’s more than one layer.

The steps may vary, but for the skin alone:

  1. Toner
  2. Lotion
  3. Concealer
  4. BB/CC Cream or regular foundation
  5. Contour
  6. Powder
  7. Blush

This is how a fully done face would look (excluding the eyes, eyebrows and lips).

Every item on the list is used in hopes of covering up as many blemishes on the face as possible. The final, outer layer is believed to be the “best,” or the most presentable. This is where the layering process differs from onions, because an onion is best when the outer layers are peeled.

Why do women use make-up?

Women use make-up to accentuate their facial features… and to cover up (ha, get it?) It is a widely known belief that make-up creates a more attractive image of ourselves, especially in photos.

We also don’t want to be single forever. Men, why do you think us girls are always running a little late when you come to pick us up? It’s because we’re adding that final touch, that final layer, in order to try and look flawless for you. (I exaggerated a little there.) In truth, wanting to appear more attractive to the opposite sex is a natural thing, whether it includes make-up or not.

Sometimes, make-up can be a necessary evil. There are times when you wake up in the morning and you have no choice but to wear a mask out. We’ve all been there, dark circles and all. Other times, it is a way to show that we care. You don’t want to go into an interview with red blotches and messy eyebrows. We add the make-up to portray an organized, self-preserving image of ourselves to others.

Sadly there’s more to it. After some time, it becomes a psychological “issue.” Women wear make-up because our natural faces aren’t “good enough.” When we peel back all the layers, we start to notice all the flaws. We start to notice the blackheads, acne, freckles… the list is endless. After years of make-up, our natural faces slowly start to appear lifeless, colorless. It is unattractive and “ugly.” We even apologize to others when we do happen to go out without make-up (“Sorry, I look ratchet.”). It’s a problem. A very expensive problem.

I stated some why’s, now here are some what’s. What does make-up do?

Make-up makes us appear “beautiful,” of course. The products actually work. The cosmetics industry isn’t making billions off of products that don’t work.

  • Eyebrows look fuller and organized
  • Eyes appear bigger and bold
  • Lips more full and appealing
  • Cheekbones and nose more defined
  • Blemishes and blackheads begone

There is so much you can do, so many “looks” you can achieve with various make-up products. There’s a “look” for everything! The “going to class” look, “girls night out” look, “date night” look, etc. If I have any men reading this, I’m sure it’s hard to fathom the thought that women have all these “looks,” when you basically only have one (but really).

We all should know that too much of anything is bad. Same rule applies to cosmetics. Cosmetics can cause negative side effects even after its safety approval from the Food and Drug Administration. It can cause:

  • More acne
  • More blackheads
  • Eye problems
  • Allergic reactions
  • Thins out eyelashes
  • …and even cancer (can be caused by artificial colors and chemicals applied to certain sensitive areas)

Cosmetics may make us appear nice, but it’s not nice for our skin. Our epidermis is sensitive and should be treated with care. If we don’t care, our derm won’t care. It’s vital to properly cleanse the make-up off and revive the skin that’s been suffocating under all those layers all day. The key to maintain a healthy relationship with make-up, or try to, is skincare. In addition to that, try not to be too cheap. If it’s time to buy some new mascara, go out and buy some. Don’t try to use the same mascara for months until it dries out to the point where you have no other choice. Don’t be stingy on yourself. It’ll help you in the long run.

So, with all that said…

Make-up will always be a mystery. We probably won’t be able to truly understand why women need it, or feel as if they do. (I guess women can be more complicated…). 





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