Feb. 1, 2017


By Sarah Pyo

My public relations group for my public relations course has the privilege of working with a nonprofit organization called The Cove. The Cove is a place for homeless children to go after school from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday. So far, we have created a SWOT analysis and have also looked into The Cove’s mission, vision and value statements.

Today, I met up with Cameron Allsep, a PR intern for The Cove and also a member of my PR group, to tour the facility and get to know the staff more. The Cove had a warm, inviting environment and was a lot more spacious than I had anticipated.


This is the main room where children gather to socialize. Photo credit: Sarah Pyo

The facility had a large gathering room connected to the dining area and various rooms for the children to partake in different activities, such as crafting and reading. The Cove also had a kitchen and laundry room for the children to wash their clothes as well as a shower room.

After the tour, Allsep introduced me to Teri Holtkamp, the executive director. Holtkamp was very inviting and helped answer a lot of our questions. We discussed their mission, vision and values statement and also Holtkamp’s personal passions about her job and the organization. We found out that The Cove has only been open for 59 days and serve around 28 children, ages 15-20. Currently, The Cove is looking into ways to improve its publicity and hopefully that is something that our PR group can help with throughout this semester.

My meeting with Holtkamp and seeing The Cove touched me deeply and gave me a strong motivation not to only help the organization but also the children. Looking forward, I, along with my PR group members, will be brainstorming to come up with ways to expand The Cove’s publicity and help it thrive.


Teri Holtkamp, the executive director for The Cove, usually stays at work until closing time. Holtkamp has her own office in the facility with furniture she donated to the organization. Photo credit: Sarah Pyo


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