Feb. 16, 2017


By Sarah Pyo

One of the main weaknesses of The Cove is its new establishment. Since the organization is new, there is plenty of room for improvement, especially to increase publicity. Our PR group’s main goal is to do just that, help improve The Cove’s presence in the Waco community. Hopefully, this would also lead to an increase in the number of homeless youths enrolled in The Cove’s program.


Above is a screenshot of The Cove’s Instagram page. Currently, there are 179 followers.

In order to achieve our goal, our PR group will start bringing more awareness to The Cove’s online presence. We will work hard to engage with The Cove’s followers on social media and keep track of the number of followers through the analytics provided by Instagram and Facebook. More specifically, we will note the social media posts that were more popular with our audience and continue to cater to their interests while also bringing awareness to the issue of homeless youths.


Above is a screenshot of The Cove’s Facebook page. Currently, there are 1,098 followers.

We strive to see an increase The Cove’s Facebook followers and reach by 5% as well as with Instagram. For each social media platform, we will note the number of followers daily and accumulate the data for a monthly overview. In addition to that, our PR group has also set a goal to invite Baylor students to participate in The Cove’s fundraising events and we plan to carry that goal out for the next fundraiser.

While focusing on improving The Cove’s online presence, our PR group is also looking forward to achieving a high attendance rate for one of The Cove’s fundraisers at Jason’s Deli. We plan to bring awareness to the event by creating a social media post specific to each of The Cove’s social media platforms. We will take note of how many people were engaged via each social media post and also the number of people committed to eat at Jason’s Deli.






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