March 27, 2017


The photo above is Justin Bieber during his earliest stages in his music career.

By Sarah Pyo

Once a prized star child, Justin Bieber is no longer the innocent boy he used to be. Although his success in the music field continues to rise, his hands are dirty with more scandals than he can probably remember. My partner, Cameron Allsep, and I chose to research Justin Bieber’s public image and how he has or hasn’t been trying to repair his reputation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.21.12 PM.png

This photo is a screenshot of the Buzzfeed article written by Kelly Dunlap.

In a Buzzfeed post, Kelley Dunlap listed Bieber’s notable scandals since 2011. It was interesting to see how many different scandals popped up with a mere “Justin Bieber” search on Google. Nearly all the searches are regarding Bieber’s misdemeanors. In one of the most recent scandals, Bieber was caught attempting to get himself involved in a fist fight early June 2016. It was quite a disappointment reading about all his reckless behavior. Bieber is definitely no longer the same boy that sang “One More Time” and “Baby.”

The more fascinating thing about Bieber’s reputation is that it seems to have little to no effect on his success rate in the music field. He continues to be a hot commodity and his tickets are more expensive than some of the less “scandalous” musicians.


This photo was found on Google images. It is a current image of Justin Bieber.

Even though Bieber is now known for his “bad boy” reputation, it will be interesting to see what our research uncovers about how his reputation correlates with his success as an artist.


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