April 27, 2017

Overview of Justin Bieber’s Image Repair
By: Sarah Pyo


• Justin Bieber has retained success amid his many scandals.
• His talents and attractive looks make a huge impact while trying to repair his image.
• Bieber’s first arrest in 2014 at age 19 negatively affected his image.
• After many image repair tactics, Bieber at 23, continues to flourish in the music industry and loved by his fans.

• Justin Bieber rose to fame as a child star, turned teen heart-throb and is now a “bad boy” trying to repair his public image.
• Bieber has his first hit in the music industry in 2010. Following his success, he accumulated many scandals to his one, such as accusations of him being a teen father and racist.
• There is a lot of negative social media portrayal of Bieber, including footages of teen Bieber singing a racist parody, nude photos and mocking his disposition after a DUI.
• Despite all of his reckless behaviors, Bieber is still hitting No. 1 on the charts and advancing his career.

Literature Review
• The following studies were used: Ricky Gervais (Kauffman, 2012), Michael Phelps (Walsh, 2011), Terrell Owens (Brazeal, 2008)

Research Questions
• What were some of the tactics Justin Bieber used to repair his image?
• How did he use social media to repair his image?
• What were the responses to his tactics?
• Was Justin Bieber successful with his image repair tactics?

• We critically analyzed how the media has been portraying Bieber since his career and how he has responded to negative publicity.
• We noted Bieber’s fans responses to his image repair tactics.
• We examined Bieber’s social media presence and analyzed whether or not it has made an impact to worsen or improve his public image.

• Bieber has utilized all of Benoit’s five image repair tactics in different circumstances.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.42.58 AM.png

This table shows all the ways in which Bieber has utilized all five image repair tactics.

• He is generally very open about his wrongdoings and has admitted that he does come off as arrogant and conceited. He has also confessed that he hasn’t always done the wrong thing.
• Bieber showed mortification by uploading a video of himself apologizing to the public for his behavior. He was also featured on Ellen in a very mature and genuine way.
• Despite all of his scandals, Bieber’s career has been continuously successful. His case is very unique and unlike others mainly because negative media portrayal tends to become a detriment to a celebrity’s career.
• Bieber has been very supported by his fans and the number of his followers constantly increase.
• Apart from the scandals, Bieber has a lot of positive media attention. He has done a lot of good work in his past and continues to contribute to charities. For a celebrity his age, he has done a lot to give back and convey his good intentions.
• Age seems to play a big factor in the public’s acceptance of his image repair tactics. Bieber may have to work harder to gain public forgiveness if he keeps up the reckless behavior.


This photo shows Justin Bieber involved in #GiveBackPhilippines, an online campaign he launched to help Yolanda survivors. Photo Credit: AndPop

• Bieber has yet to be involved in a scandal that could completely ruin his career.
• Currently there are no studies on Bieber’s image repair tactics that are available.
• Finding relevant studies was difficult because of how unique Bieber’s case is.

• Justin Bieber utilized all five image repair tactics.
• His image repair tactics have been successful and his career continues to thrive in the music industry.
• Not only does the public accept his image repair tactics, but also encourage and support him. His Beliebers genuinely care and trust that he is a good person and has good intentions.



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