April 27, 2017

Overview of Justin Bieber’s Image Repair
By: Sarah Pyo


• Justin Bieber has retained success amid his many scandals.
• His talents and attractive looks make a huge impact while trying to repair his image.
• Bieber’s first arrest in 2014 at age 19 negatively affected his image.
• After many image repair tactics, Bieber at 23, continues to flourish in the music industry and loved by his fans.

• Justin Bieber rose to fame as a child star, turned teen heart-throb and is now a “bad boy” trying to repair his public image.
• Bieber has his first hit in the music industry in 2010. Following his success, he accumulated many scandals to his one, such as accusations of him being a teen father and racist.
• There is a lot of negative social media portrayal of Bieber, including footages of teen Bieber singing a racist parody, nude photos and mocking his disposition after a DUI.
• Despite all of his reckless behaviors, Bieber is still hitting No. 1 on the charts and advancing his career.

Literature Review
• The following studies were used: Ricky Gervais (Kauffman, 2012), Michael Phelps (Walsh, 2011), Terrell Owens (Brazeal, 2008)

Research Questions
• What were some of the tactics Justin Bieber used to repair his image?
• How did he use social media to repair his image?
• What were the responses to his tactics?
• Was Justin Bieber successful with his image repair tactics?

• We critically analyzed how the media has been portraying Bieber since his career and how he has responded to negative publicity.
• We noted Bieber’s fans responses to his image repair tactics.
• We examined Bieber’s social media presence and analyzed whether or not it has made an impact to worsen or improve his public image.

• Bieber has utilized all of Benoit’s five image repair tactics in different circumstances.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 1.42.58 AM.png

This table shows all the ways in which Bieber has utilized all five image repair tactics.

• He is generally very open about his wrongdoings and has admitted that he does come off as arrogant and conceited. He has also confessed that he hasn’t always done the wrong thing.
• Bieber showed mortification by uploading a video of himself apologizing to the public for his behavior. He was also featured on Ellen in a very mature and genuine way.
• Despite all of his scandals, Bieber’s career has been continuously successful. His case is very unique and unlike others mainly because negative media portrayal tends to become a detriment to a celebrity’s career.
• Bieber has been very supported by his fans and the number of his followers constantly increase.
• Apart from the scandals, Bieber has a lot of positive media attention. He has done a lot of good work in his past and continues to contribute to charities. For a celebrity his age, he has done a lot to give back and convey his good intentions.
• Age seems to play a big factor in the public’s acceptance of his image repair tactics. Bieber may have to work harder to gain public forgiveness if he keeps up the reckless behavior.


This photo shows Justin Bieber involved in #GiveBackPhilippines, an online campaign he launched to help Yolanda survivors. Photo Credit: AndPop

• Bieber has yet to be involved in a scandal that could completely ruin his career.
• Currently there are no studies on Bieber’s image repair tactics that are available.
• Finding relevant studies was difficult because of how unique Bieber’s case is.

• Justin Bieber utilized all five image repair tactics.
• His image repair tactics have been successful and his career continues to thrive in the music industry.
• Not only does the public accept his image repair tactics, but also encourage and support him. His Beliebers genuinely care and trust that he is a good person and has good intentions.



April 11, 2017

By Sarah Pyo

Justin Bieber, despite his numerous scandals, is a much admired celebrity. He has utilized mortification several times throughout his music career to make up for some scandals; however, regardless of if he apologizes or not, his popularity in the industry continues to skyrocket. Sometimes, Bieber even points out a mistake that he’s done and exposes himself to the public. This tactic works in his favor because the public understands that he is mature enough to accept his wrongdoings. Even though any reckless behavior isn’t good, his transparency seems to help him.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.07.43 PM.png

This photo is a screenshot of the video of 14-year-old Justin Bieber singing a racist parody. The video was posted on TMZ.

In one particular incident in 2014, Bieber purposely revealed a video of 14-year-old Bieber singing a racist parody. According to Rolling Stone, Bieber was being “stupid,” and didn’t know the consequences of singing the parody during that time. He intentionally exposed the video as a means of mortification. This tactic, although not ideal, was smart in case the video was leaked without his knowing.

Bieber was also seen on the show Ellen in 2015 confessing to his some of his reckless behavior and even signed up to be “roasted” on Comedy Central in order to laugh about his mistakes and own up to it. He was wildly applauded and accepted by the guests on Ellen showing that Bieber’s fame was unaffected by his previous mishaps.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.22.44 PM.png

This photo is a screenshot of Justin Bieber on the Ellen show. He admitted that some of the things he had done in the past were not the greatest and seemed to convey a renewed self.

During the show, Ellen also pointed out that Bieber had just finished modeling for Calvin Klein. Even through all the scandals, Bieber was continuing to land opportunities that would improve and increase his success. His popularity is also reflected on his social media accounts. Bieber currently has 93 million followers on Twitter and 84.6 million followers on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.58.49 PM.png

This photo is a screenshot of Justin Bieber’s twitter handle. He has many followers with a lot of interaction with his fans.


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 7.58.32 PM.png

This photo is a screenshot of Bieber’s instagram account. He has just as many followers on Instagram as he has on Twitter. He also has a lot of interaction on this social media platform as well.

On his Instagram account, he even posted a picture that said, “Jesus,” and that one post alone received 1,350,101 likes with just as many comments. There were some comments in other languages, but the ones in English were all positive and supportive of Bieber. One in particular read, “I prayed for you yesterday. God Bless and protect you, Justin. God sees your heart and loves you dearly.” Justin’s followers, for the most part, believe that Bieber has good intentions and has a good heart. He was not called out for being a hypocrite or fake for posting a picture with “Jesus.” Despite all his reckless behavior, his fans are still growing in numbers and they try to understand.

So far, Bieber’s image repair strategies seem to be very successful. He has made it No. 1 for his music countless times and is a strong competitor in the music industry. There is a term for admiring Bieber, “Bieber fever,” and this “fever” seems more and more contagious as his career advances.

JB Creative Handout

March 27, 2017


The photo above is Justin Bieber during his earliest stages in his music career.

By Sarah Pyo

Once a prized star child, Justin Bieber is no longer the innocent boy he used to be. Although his success in the music field continues to rise, his hands are dirty with more scandals than he can probably remember. My partner, Cameron Allsep, and I chose to research Justin Bieber’s public image and how he has or hasn’t been trying to repair his reputation.

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.21.12 PM.png

This photo is a screenshot of the Buzzfeed article written by Kelly Dunlap.

In a Buzzfeed post, Kelley Dunlap listed Bieber’s notable scandals since 2011. It was interesting to see how many different scandals popped up with a mere “Justin Bieber” search on Google. Nearly all the searches are regarding Bieber’s misdemeanors. In one of the most recent scandals, Bieber was caught attempting to get himself involved in a fist fight early June 2016. It was quite a disappointment reading about all his reckless behavior. Bieber is definitely no longer the same boy that sang “One More Time” and “Baby.”

The more fascinating thing about Bieber’s reputation is that it seems to have little to no effect on his success rate in the music field. He continues to be a hot commodity and his tickets are more expensive than some of the less “scandalous” musicians.


This photo was found on Google images. It is a current image of Justin Bieber.

Even though Bieber is now known for his “bad boy” reputation, it will be interesting to see what our research uncovers about how his reputation correlates with his success as an artist.

Feb. 16, 2017


By Sarah Pyo

One of the main weaknesses of The Cove is its new establishment. Since the organization is new, there is plenty of room for improvement, especially to increase publicity. Our PR group’s main goal is to do just that, help improve The Cove’s presence in the Waco community. Hopefully, this would also lead to an increase in the number of homeless youths enrolled in The Cove’s program.


Above is a screenshot of The Cove’s Instagram page. Currently, there are 179 followers.

In order to achieve our goal, our PR group will start bringing more awareness to The Cove’s online presence. We will work hard to engage with The Cove’s followers on social media and keep track of the number of followers through the analytics provided by Instagram and Facebook. More specifically, we will note the social media posts that were more popular with our audience and continue to cater to their interests while also bringing awareness to the issue of homeless youths.


Above is a screenshot of The Cove’s Facebook page. Currently, there are 1,098 followers.

We strive to see an increase The Cove’s Facebook followers and reach by 5% as well as with Instagram. For each social media platform, we will note the number of followers daily and accumulate the data for a monthly overview. In addition to that, our PR group has also set a goal to invite Baylor students to participate in The Cove’s fundraising events and we plan to carry that goal out for the next fundraiser.

While focusing on improving The Cove’s online presence, our PR group is also looking forward to achieving a high attendance rate for one of The Cove’s fundraisers at Jason’s Deli. We plan to bring awareness to the event by creating a social media post specific to each of The Cove’s social media platforms. We will take note of how many people were engaged via each social media post and also the number of people committed to eat at Jason’s Deli.





Feb.9, 2017

By Sarah Pyo

This week, our PR group discussed several goals and objectives for The Cove. Since this organization is newly established, we focused on goals that would increase publicity and, hopefully, enrollment.

The first goal is to increase awareness. More specifically, we aim to increase The Cove’s Facebook followers and reach by 5% and news placements to one per quarter.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.16.43 PM.png

This is a screenshot of The Cove’s current number of Facebook followers and likes. So far, The Cove has accumulated 1084 followers and 1096 likes. Photo credit: Sarah Pyo

Our second goal is to increase donations. In order to achieve this goal, we will work hard to increase the visibility of sponsorships and partnerships each day, put specific donation calls on social media (once per week) and create donation subscriptions for those seeking to aid The Cove long-term.

Last but not least, we will strive to increase fundraiser attendance by inviting one new student organization from Baylor to each fundraiser dinner and increasing social media advertising and print advertising for each of these dinners.


This is the dining area connected to the main room where the children gather to socialize. The dining area is used to for special fundraiser dinners for the children enrolled at The Cove.  Photo credit:  Sarah Pyo


Looking forward, our PR group is preparing to be more actively involved within the organization by attending events and meeting the children. We also hope to increase awareness to one of The Cove’s upcoming fundraisers at the Jason’s Deli.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.24.46 PM.png

Feb. 1, 2017


By Sarah Pyo

My public relations group for my public relations course has the privilege of working with a nonprofit organization called The Cove. The Cove is a place for homeless children to go after school from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday. So far, we have created a SWOT analysis and have also looked into The Cove’s mission, vision and value statements.

Today, I met up with Cameron Allsep, a PR intern for The Cove and also a member of my PR group, to tour the facility and get to know the staff more. The Cove had a warm, inviting environment and was a lot more spacious than I had anticipated.


This is the main room where children gather to socialize. Photo credit: Sarah Pyo

The facility had a large gathering room connected to the dining area and various rooms for the children to partake in different activities, such as crafting and reading. The Cove also had a kitchen and laundry room for the children to wash their clothes as well as a shower room.

After the tour, Allsep introduced me to Teri Holtkamp, the executive director. Holtkamp was very inviting and helped answer a lot of our questions. We discussed their mission, vision and values statement and also Holtkamp’s personal passions about her job and the organization. We found out that The Cove has only been open for 59 days and serve around 28 children, ages 15-20. Currently, The Cove is looking into ways to improve its publicity and hopefully that is something that our PR group can help with throughout this semester.

My meeting with Holtkamp and seeing The Cove touched me deeply and gave me a strong motivation not to only help the organization but also the children. Looking forward, I, along with my PR group members, will be brainstorming to come up with ways to expand The Cove’s publicity and help it thrive.


Teri Holtkamp, the executive director for The Cove, usually stays at work until closing time. Holtkamp has her own office in the facility with furniture she donated to the organization. Photo credit: Sarah Pyo